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Saturday Stack – August 7, 2021

August 7, 2021

Today’s Stack celebrates the beautiful, eclectic prints introduced in our most recent introduction, all printed on poly-rayon-linen blended base cloth R-Libra. Shown here are Egyptian mythology inspired R-Animalia, the globally popular ‘evil eye’ motif R-Gaze, funky seashell design R-Drifter, and the striking abstract color-blocked floral R-Gia

All of these prints on the Libra base cloth have a distinct vintage feel as the 20% rayon fibers do not pick up the print ink as well as the polyester. This gives a faded effect to all of these prints but in no way is the pattern diminished. For more vibrancy in the same patterns, reach out to your rep to discuss our custom print capabilities as we offer ANY of our prints designs on ANY of our 25+ base cloth options! 

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