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Spring 2023 Collection Book

Our Fall 2022 catalog, showcasing six new Regal Fabrics collections featuring 38 new or expanded patterns, plus an expanded stripe collection and three new solids in our Kindred line, is…

September 2022 Calendar

Click here to download this month’s PDF Calendar! September 2022 features casual patterns and textures from Regal’s Dakota collection.  

August 2022 Calendar

Click here to download this month’s PDF Calendar! August 2022 features geometric patterns from our Futura collection, in rich nature inspired shades.

July 2022 Calendar

Click here to download this month’s PDF Calendar! This month features a variety of designs from Regal’s new Outdoor Performance collection in classic patriotic colorways.

Spring 2022 Collection Book

Our Spring 2022 catalog, showcasing eight new collections featuring 46 new or expanded patterns, PLUS Regal’s brand new 8 pattern Outdoor Performance collection, is now available to download!

NEW Spring 2021 – Sanibel

The Sanibel group is a collection of relaxed coastal designs that puts the full scope of Regal’s capabilities on display. Anchored by the seashell and abstract prints (R-Chaos, R-Mahdia, and…

NEW Spring 2021 – First Blush

This group, with impressionistic watercolor floral print R-Ainsley taking center stage, displays the softer side of traditional styles. With the richly textured poly-rayon-linen blended plain R-Libra as a backdrop, the…

NEW Spring 2021 – Breezy Summer Cottage

Soft, relaxed, and layered, this beautiful collection of textures, jacquards, and prints gives off the peaceful vibes of a lazy afternoon on a coastal vacation. With mineral blues and seafoam…

NEW Spring 2021 – Zarafa

Named for the majestic giraffe gifted to the King of France in 1827 (see our blog post on the origins of the name here) – the Zarafa group, like the…

NEW Spring 2021 – Euro Modern

This group incorporates large-scale blocking, nostalgic colors and a modern European vibe for several multi-color prints including R-Explore, R-Click, and R-Gia. One of 4 introductions printed on new base cloth…

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