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NEW Spring 2020 – Au Natural: Mocha

The crunching leaves and introspection of an autumn hike alone is not far away from the vibe set by this earth-toned collection of jacquards. Whether you stay for two years…

NEW Spring 2020 – Modern Jacobean: Mineral

With a calming rush of blue, Spring blooms in this beautiful collection arranged around two colorways of Jacobean floral R-Hollis, with smaller-scale patterns and textured plains in mineral blues and…

NEW Spring 2020 – Modern Jacobean: Paprika

With a broad range of contemporary jacquards and embroideries, this collection in the fun color palette of a damp spring with a spice is a bevvy of boldness. The gorgeous…

NEW Spring 2020 – Ming Dragon: Grey

Though dragon print R-Fergy draws the spotlight, the coordinates in this group are easy ‘go-withs’ for any style, with velvets, embroidery, faux fur, and so much texture! 

NEW Spring 2020 – Ming Dragon: Red

This collection features flames and flash as rich reds and printed dragons soar through a new textured base-cloth in R-Fergy. Soft and elegant, our new pleated velvets R-Norma and R-Raina bring…

May 2020 Collection Book

Our May 2020 digital catalog, featuring 28 new patterns, is now available TO DOWNLOAD!

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