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NEW Spring 2020 – Watercolor Landscapes

Folksy watercolor toille R-Nami is the centerpiece of this brightly colored group that dazzles in both blue-green and tonal pink. 

Saturday Stack – July 4th, 2020

Happy Independence Day, America! Today’s Stack is the grand ol’ flag… and forever in peace may we weave!  To all of our customers, partners, friends, and family have a happy…

NEW Spring 2020 – Au Natural: Mocha

The crunching leaves and introspection of an autumn hike alone is not far away from the vibe set by this earth-toned collection of jacquards. Whether you stay for two years…

NEW Spring 2020 – Modern Jacobean: Mineral

With a calming rush of blue, Spring blooms in this beautiful collection arranged around two colorways of Jacobean floral R-Hollis, with smaller-scale patterns and textured plains in mineral blues and…

Saturday Stack – June 20, 2020

Today’s Stack features R-Ashby, a best-selling small-scale pattern. This subtle dotted velvet is extremely soft, works as both an accent or body cloth, and with the addition of Aloe, Ebony,…

Chair Scale Patterns

Easily blending into the overall look of a room until a closer look reveals more, small-scale patterns such as these are ideal for chairs and accent pieces.

NEW Spring 2020 – Modern Jacobean: Paprika

With a broad range of contemporary jacquards and embroideries, this collection in the fun color palette of a damp spring with a spice is a bevvy of boldness. The gorgeous…

Saturday Stack – June 13, 2020

For today’s Stack, I was thinking of something easy on the eyes, soft to the touch, and with a range of colorways…. and you know that R-Notion just crossed my…

NEW Spring 2020 – Ming Dragon: Grey

Though dragon print R-Fergy draws the spotlight, the coordinates in this group are easy ‘go-withs’ for any style, with velvets, embroidery, faux fur, and so much texture! 

Saturday Stack: June 6, 2020

Va va VOOM! Our Spring 2020 collection features a group of six small-scale patterns, all named with a “V”, made with a bouclĂ© yarn giving the fabric ground a unique…

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