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Stripes: Not Just for Tigers!

Did you know that striped clothing was outlawed for clergymen by Pope Boniface VIII in 1295?  This was partially due to popularity among social outcast groups such as prostitutes, clowns,…

Tropical Whimsy

In crazy times like we have been experiencing, our minds much prefer to wander to fabrics full of fun color.  This whimsical tropical/leaf, Enrique, was introduced at one of our…

Do You LOVE Velvet?

So do we! There is no escaping velvet this season.  The softness and luster of this fabric have historically epitomized luxury with its smooth nap and shiny appearance.  Velvets have…

Bringing it all together

Our customers are always coming to us asking for that one last item that will complete a collection.  We’ve heard them called bridge patterns, connectors, joiners or even go-withs.  No…

Animal Patterns

Lions, Tigers, and Bears…. Oh my that’s some nice looking fabric Mark Garber has been with Regal Fabrics for over 30 years.  Our hard working representative based out of Chicago…

5 Years of Gray

We live in a time when individuality and customization are the norm. Rarely, if ever in today’s myriad…

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