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Saturday Stack: May 23, 2020

This week’s Stack features some of our best-selling patterns in beautiful hues of blue. Celebrate the clear summer skies with a few of our biggest items including #1 seller R-Turbo,…

Saturday Stack: May 16, 2020

R-Tribal is a trendy look with an ancient motif. The markings on this pattern call to a primitive age, yet the fabric is elegant, soft, and the contrasting neutral colors…

Saturday Stack: May 9th, 2020

The color of passion, a deep red accent can add a little spice into any style or setting. Shown here is a stack of some of Regal’s best crimsons and…

Saturday Stack – May 2, 2020

Be monochromatic and marvelous!  Let the subtle pattern speak for itself.  Today, we share our Saturday stack of a few of our monochromatic favorites.

Saturday Stack – April 25, 2020

The sky is the limit when it comes to blue possibilities in Regal’s fabric line.  Colors range from the sea to the sky and all things in between.  Today, we…

Saturday Stack – April 18, 2020

Lemongrass, willow, moss, or fern?  Lots of spring color choices.  Color, texture and pattern all play an important part in choosing the perfect fabric for your latest interior needs.  Regal…

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