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Gaze and the Evil Eye

May 28, 2021

Found in countless cultures across the world, the “evil eye” is an almost universal symbol or physical talisman of protection. For thousands of years humans of varying civilizations have given a protective significance to depictions of an eye in many forms as a counter to ancient superstitions.  

While technically the “evil eye” is a curse transmitted through a malicious glare and the ocular charm itself (often also referred to as an ‘evil eye’), whether on an amulet, pendent, statue, etc., is meant to ward off the evil spirits/curses/envy or otherwise.

Printed on our Libra base cloth, with its Poly/Rayon/Linen blended contents giving a faded vintage effect – our new pattern R-Gaze features these protective eyes in a beautifully colored print design.   We love the novelty, coloring, and timelessness of this design and are excited to finally offer spiritual protection in addition to our performance finishing options.

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