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Website Tips: Using Favorites Functionality

March 25, 2020

When we debuted our new website in early 2020, it was important to us that we add functionality to make it easier for our guests to search through the thousands of items in our product catalog successfully.  Along with improved search and filtering, we wanted to create a way to remember the things you like as you move through the thousands of options.

Introducing Favorites

When looking at any item in our product catalog you will see a heart icon.  This can be found either by hovering over an item in search results:

Or whenever viewing an item in full after clicking from the search page:

Click on the heart to add any item to your favorite.  Feel free to go a little overboard, you can always adjust your selections later.  Once added to favorites, the heart icon will dissapear.

Accessing Your Favorites

When you are finished looking through the catalog and ready to see everything you’ve marked as a favorite, scroll to the bottom of the web page.  There you will find a menu with a link to your favorites:

You will be taken to a page which will be filled all of the items that you have chosen as favorites.

Sharing your favorites

Once you access the favorites page, you have the option to adjust the list by using the “X” to delete any item you do not want in your favorites.  When ready to share you can use the provided unique URL to share with your colleagues or with a regal sales or customer service representative.

We hope you’ll enjoy this functionality.  Please note that your unique URL is a live link and not a moment in time.  If you make changes to your favorites list after sharing the link, the changes will show up for everyone with access to the link.



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