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Saturday Stack – August 21, 2021

Today’s Stack highlights beautiful large-scale transitional floral jacquard R-Mazie. One of our largest floral patterns, this woven design is a real show-stopper and draws the eye as a statement piece when…

Saturday Stack – December 19, 2020

Today’s Stack is a collection of black and white contrasting accent patterns, reminiscent of finding the pavement after shoveling the foot of snow we had earlier this week. 

NEW Fall 2020 – Vintage Pop

The second group in our Fall 2020 Collection, the Vintage Pop collection is bookended by striking black & white throwbacks R-Profile and K-Lainey, with splashes of color popping up in…

Featured Group: Fabric Noir

Grayscale with flecks of neutral highlight this dark series of elaborate embroidery, statement pieces and all-over accents alike. Included in this group are larger-than-life elegant floral Mazie, richly embroidered Rajah,…

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