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Pantone Color of the Year 2020

December 5, 2019

Has a child ever asked you “Why is the sky blue?” – Well, this year the answer will be simply that ‘Mother Earth wants to stay on-trend’. Pantone has recently announced their 2020 Color of the Year: Classic Blue (19-4502). Blues have been such a prominent color in home furnishings and fashion for years that many consider certain hues to be another neutral, working well in most styles and with most other color schemes.

Pantone asserts that we as a culture are in a period of great flux between advanced technology, turbulent political landscape, plus the attempt and varying ability for us all to process everything at once. Amidst all that noise, it’s no wonder we gravitate toward colors that are non-aggressive, easily relatable, and that lend themselves to relaxed interaction.

The color of both sea and sky, blue is associated with open space, freedom, and calm. On the low end of the spectrum, blue light waves have a low frequency and therefore blue is the ultimate ‘cool’ color (hence the Gatorade flavor “Cool Blue”) and is associated with deep-sigh adjectives such as serenity and wisdom, as well as negatives like sadness and depression. As one might have guessed, Regal has incorporated a lot of classic blue into our product mix over the past 32 years. See below for a small sample size of Regal Classic Blues – our color names including allusions to water such as Lake, Sea, Marine, River, Baltic, Ocean, and Niagara.

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