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Global Shipping: Going the Extra Miles

August 1, 2019

August 1, 2019 – Asia to Europe? No problem! President Steve Kahan witnessed firsthand Regal’s commitment to great service to our customers.

On a recent trip to visit suppliers and our office overseas, while with our International Export Manager in Regal’s China office, an urgent customer request came for a shipment of 10 rolls of a certain pattern needing to be delivered to an end-customer based in Italy.

While we consolidate yardage from multiple weaving partners and ship from our directly to customers’ manufacturing facilities in regions throughout China, Indonesia, Vietnam, and elsewhere in Asia, we had never shipped from Asia to Europe. Nevertheless, the customer gets what the customer needs, and our Export Manager along with our stateside Logistics Manager figured out the necessary actions to fulfill the order and even helped to load the truck quickly to get the 10 bolts to Italy as needed. We are proud to provide exemplary service to our customers at Regal – thank you to our Export Manager Wilson Shen in Hangzhou for your extra effort!

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