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F&FI: “What is a Performance Fabric: Panel Creates Base-line Industry Standards”

November 17, 2023

HIGH POINT, NC – Four experts created minimum standards for Performance Fabrics, the fast-growing upholstery category in the furniture industry during a panel hosted by the Interwoven Exhibition on November 15.

The four experts (see photo-left to right) are: Keith Nail, Vice President, Quality Assurance, Morgan Fabrics, Los Angeles; Scott Kahan, Director, Business Development, Regal Fabrics, Middleton, MA; Tammy Buckner, Senior Vice President, Design & Marketing, Culp Fabrics, High Point and Lance Keziah, President/CEO, Crypton, Bloomfield Hills, MI.

The minimum standards that should be accepted by the furniture fabric buyer and furniture retailer for Performance Fabrics are:
1. Wyzenbeek double rub test: 50,000 for basic performance body cloth
15,000 for fashion performance fabric
2. Seam Strength-50 pounds
3. Seam Slippage-25/30 pounds
4. Light fastness-indoors-40 hours/outdoors-1,000 hours
5. Warranty-residential- 1 year/healthcare- 5 years
6. Finish-80-100 spray rating (ASTM)
7. Stain removal-use detergent and warm water
8. Non PFAS-no fluorine!

The panel was conducted by Eric Schneider, Editor & Publisher, Fabrics & Furnishings International

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