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NEW Fall 2020 – Running Wild

December 9, 2020

Our third installment of featured groups from our Fall 2020 Collection, this jungle-themed group takes an eclectic wildlife motif and runs with it! 

Regal has always put out our share of animal skins and tribal designs, this year adding some unique designs in both print and jacquard fabrics, and drawing inspiration from new creatures. R-Panther is a unique jacquard design with a silhouetted big cat running through the negative space, R-Hayden is a take on the reticulated giraffe, with various woven patterns within its spots. Mixed in are all-over accent fabrics like chenille R-League and rug-look R-Ellery, with multi-colored tweed K-Bounty in both Jade and Topaz providing the baseline texture helping to elevate this group to the canopy! 


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