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Saturday Stack – March 25, 2023

Today’s Stack is another staff pick, from our team’s newest member, Pam! Pam, a self-proclaimed ‘fabric fiend’ walked through our showroom today and selected her three favorites from our most…

Color Showcase – Hunter Green

See below for some of Regal’s best selling fabrics shown in a deep forest / hunter green. 

Saturday Stack – March 5, 2022

Today’s Stack celebrates March with a number of new items in various shades of green. Here’s hoping that the snow will melt and March goes “out like a lamb” (exemplified…

Saturday Stack – December 25, 2021

Merry Christmas! Today’s Stack is a highlight of the festive red + green colorways from some of our most popular introductions of 2021. From all of us here at Regal…

NEW Spring 2021 – Breezy Summer Cottage

Soft, relaxed, and layered, this beautiful collection of textures, jacquards, and prints gives off the peaceful vibes of a lazy afternoon on a coastal vacation. With mineral blues and seafoam…

NEW Spring 2021 – Euro Modern

This group incorporates large-scale blocking, nostalgic colors and a modern European vibe for several multi-color prints including R-Explore, R-Click, and R-Gia. One of 4 introductions printed on new base cloth…

NEW Winter 2021 – Emerald City

Elegance meets fun in this group featuring three new cut velvet patterns – prancing zebra K-Farlowe, modern awning stripe K-Sequel, and cracked-glass K-Finale. Another unique pattern is K-Harlowe, a beautiful…

Saturday Stack – February 27, 2021

Today’s Stack is inspired by my jealousy for anyone experiencing sunshine and warm weather this weekend. In addition, we’ve introduced a delightful array of greens in our latest collection –…

NEW Summer 2020 – Verdant Velvets

Our final Summer 2020 group is a collection of velvets made in Indonesia. Featuring two geometrics in vibrant coordinated colorways and two animal skins, antelope pattern K-Aubrie and cheetah K-Chava. 

Saturday Stack – April 18, 2020

Lemongrass, willow, moss, or fern?  Lots of spring color choices.  Color, texture and pattern all play an important part in choosing the perfect fabric for your latest interior needs.  Regal…

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