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Stripes: Not Just for Tigers!

August 31, 2020

Did you know that striped clothing was outlawed for clergymen by Pope Boniface VIII in 1295?  This was partially due to popularity among social outcast groups such as prostitutes, clowns, heretics, and both hangmen and the condemned. It could be said that stripes have had quite the resurgence in the past 700 years.

Whether seen in fashion as a French nautical staple, in patterned menswear, baseball uniforms, or as a defining image for a particular designer (Coco Chanel, Missoni, Gaultier), stripes have played an out-sized role in design for apparel, home furnishings, and flags (“American with a capital ‘A’ “ – to quote John Winger from the movie Stripes) since the 18th century. 

At Regal, our designers work tirelessly to create, develop, and optimize fabric patterns, constructions, and colors. We carry a diverse line of prints, embroideries, textured plains, and geometric wovens, however we always keep an eye on new ways to present stripes into the market as it is a design style that can mesh well with many others. And though the Helmholtz Illusion will show us that it is actually horizontal and not vertical stripes which will help create a slimming effect for our bodies, we believe that any way you line ‘em up, our many striped fabrics are great options for home décor!

Below, find just a small sample of the lined gems of Regal’s line. 

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