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Top Ten SKUs – Prints

January 25, 2022

We are asked all the time for examples of our most popular prints.  Our customers love the flexibility of digital printing which allows for almost unlimited options of what we can provide as a final product.  When we debut a print in our line, we pick the base cloth that we feel is best for mass market appeal but always offer our customers the option to print the same pattern on any of the 28 choices in our Custom Base Cloth program with low MOQs.

We also offer rescaled patterns for use in different scenarios.  A great example below is R-Pucker, which we liked so much in the smaller scale that we added it to our open line.  When we are doing print-to-order work, we can also offer re-coloring or other small tweaks to the design. If you are interested in a custom print project, please read more about this program here, and reach out to your Regal rep or main contact to learn more, request a ring-set of all base-cloth options, and get started. 

The first 10 items on the list below are our most popular print patterns shown in the most popular color.  The list is finished with some new and noteworthy patterns that have been released in the most recent collections.

(This list of best sellers and recent digital print introductions was originally posted on Oct 7, 2020 and again on April 19, 2021 – most recently updated with 2 year sales data in January 2022)

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