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Quilted Chic: Matelassé Fabric’s Stylish Secrets

From french looms to fashion fame, we’ll explore the craft behind the comfort of elegant matelassé fabric.  What’s the history of matelassé fabric? This quilted queen’s name is derived from…

6 Reasons Solution-Dyed Polypropylene Shines as an Indoor/Outdoor Fabric

In textile innovation, solution-dyed polypropylene (SDPP) stands out as a remarkable player, offering a plethora of benefits that make it a popular choice for indoor/outdoor applications. If you’re in the…

Mercerized Cotton Fabric for Home: Lustrous Beauty Meets Durability

If you’re wondering what mercerized cotton is and why it’s a natural for many applications in home decor, you’re in the right place! Whether you use it for drapery, pillows,…

Linen: A True Natural Beauty

If you’ve ever wondered how linen gets from flax field to fabric or how nature plays a role in its wonderful nuances and natural colors, read on! There’s a lot…

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