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Introducing the New

January 7, 2020

Introducing the New

New Website

We are very excited to introduce the new and improved  The overhaul of our website introduces the first major update to since December of 2006.  Our first website debuted in early 2000 with the goal of manifesting a digital representation of our brand and providing our customers with the best possible customer service by way of the web.

Original Homepage Picture

Our First Website

2006 Update of Website

 Our 2006 Update



In 2000, this meant providing detailed contact information and a description or our business

In 2006, this meant providing a searchable catalog of our products

In 2010, this meant adding mobile functionality


In 2019, this means rebuilding our website to better reflect our dedication to the company’s core values of Design, Product, and Service.



Along with everything you have come to expect from our new site includes:

  • Improved product discovery
  • Better mobile experience
  • Style guide explaining different looks
  • Gallery of our fabric used in customer implementations
  • Updates to our glossary of fabric terms
  • Modern layout and styling
  • The debut of the Regal Fabrics Blog
  • Product integration throughout
  • “Favorites” capability so you can save what you love
  • Additional information about the Regal Story
  • Information about our sales team and staff
  • And much more…

Last year we introduced our updated brand identity with a modern Regal Fabrics logo.  The update of our website is an extension of that update, with a heavy focus on both modernizing and creating new functionality for our customers.

We hope you like it!

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