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What We Do and Who We Sell To
Regal Fabrics Inc. is a converter of woven textile goods, primarily for furniture. We manufacture fabric under exclusive agreements with weaving mills. These are mainly original, copyright-protected patterns and fabric constructions that are designed and developed by Regal. Our operations are based in Middleton, Massachusetts, where we keep a large inventory for quick delivery to our customers.

We sell our fabrics to companies who manufacture products such as furniture, pillows and bedding, handbags, clothing and accessories. We also sell to distributors, and retail fabric stores.

Our inventory includes a vast selection of decorative upholstery fabrics. Although we are perhaps best known for our novelty tapestries, our line includes damasks, chenilles, velvets, grospoints, stripes, plaids, plains, and many more.

We have showrooms in many major cities and sales representatives throughout the U.S. Customers work with us either by appointment with sales representatives or by attending one of the many trade shows where we display our fabric collection.
Regal Fabrics

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