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  To Create a New Design

Despite thousands of available fabric choices, there are always unique requirements that demand custom developed designs or special colors. There is a great deal Regal Fabrics can do to quickly get you exactly what you need!

Each fabric development project follows a similar sequence of events. There will probably be minimum yardage requirements, but the quantity depends on the specific fabric need. The process of creating custom designs can best be understood by reviewing the following steps:

1. Concept / Artwork - Design ideas can start from a photograph, magazine clipping, drawing or a fabric swatch. The idea needs to be developed into artwork for a fabric design, and laid out in proper pattern repeat for weaving. Most customers provide the artwork to Regal Fabrics, but if needed, we can also create the artwork for a small fee.

R6212 Cachepots on Tiles Tapestry.

2. Concept / Construction - Usually an existing fabric construction is selected to use for reference in implementing the new design. This gives the customer a clear understanding of the fabric weight, texture, color scheme and price. When there is a specific price limit to meet, the design can be implemented in a way to get the optimal appearance at the target price.

3. Approval Sample - Creating a jacquard fabric is a complex task and Regal Fabrics uses sophisticated CAD (computer aided design) equipment to translate the artwork into woven fabric. Once the artwork is ready and the construction has been selected, it takes 3-4 weeks to provide the first approval samples. Revisions can take 2-3 weeks, depending on the scope of the project.

4. Approval - After the sample is approved by the customer, the design is ready to be woven.

5. Delivery - Once weaving starts, delivery of quantity orders will start in four to six weeks, sometimes sooner if needed.

To make color changes
If the design works but a special color is needed, it is usually easy to make a change. The process involved depends on the fabric and on the nature of the change required. Usually, the minimums needed to add or change a color are relatively low, approximately 200 yards. As with a new design, we will send an approval sample before weaving.

Further Questions Ready to start
If you have additional questions or have a unique requirement and are ready to begin, please contact us at Regal Fabric Design.

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