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For those of us in the home furnishings industry, designs are our livelihood. Regal Fabrics invests heavily in the creation of unique fabric designs, and we vigorously protect our design rights through the legal system. Regal Fabrics' designs are original and exclusive. Each is registered with the US Registrar of Copyrights.

Unfortunately, copying is an on-going problem in the textile industry and appears to be becoming even more widespread. Regal Fabrics is among many companies actively fighting for better copyright protection standards. We are a member of TPSA (Textile Producers and Suppliers Association) and urge all suppliers, customers and competitors to support these efforts to stop the unlawful copying of original designs.


Have You Seen a Copy?
Regal Fabrics will pay a finder's fee to individuals who provide information about a copy which leads to a financial award, either through trial or by settlement. To qualify for the finder's fee, the individual must be the first to advise Regal of a copy of one of our original designs. Only one finder's fee per instance will be paid for copies brought to our attention.

To report a copy, call Steven Kahan at 978-777-6868 or e-mail us at Regal Fabrics Copies

The amount of the finder's fee and the decision to pay and when is solely at the discretion of Regal Fabrics Inc. This is not a legal guarantee of any payment.

Designs from Regal Fabrics' design library are available for licensing in non-competing applications. For more information, contact Steven Kahan at 978-777-6868 or email us at Regal Fabrics Licensing

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